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Call for application: Konsultan pembuatan video capturing the process and achievement results 

Terms of Reference
A video documentary: best practices of strengthening community resilience through the PFR approach (Disaster Risk Reduction-Climate Change Adaptive-Ecosystem Management and Restoration) specific for PMI-NLRC and it collaboration as well as learning with PfR consortia.
Introduction and Rationale
The Netherlands Red Cross (NLRC) has been supporting the Indonesian Red Cross Society (PMI) since 1950 and has maintained an office in 2003. Since then NLRC and PMI have been able to arrange resources and implement projects in the field of HIV/AIDS, Community Based Health and First Aid, Water & Sanitation, Volunteer Exchange, Integrated Community Based Risk Reduction/Climate Change Adaptation, Capacity Building, Rehabilitation ,etc. While the NLRC focused on the mobilization of resources for these activities, PMI HQ Divisions, Chapters and Branches have been responsible for the implementation of the projects.  The funding originates from various sources such as the Netherlands Government, private companies and the general public.
The existing  programs will have to be completed by the end of 2015. This includes a ‘climate-proof disaster risk reduction program’ which is implemented with a consortium of 4 partners: CARE Nederland, Cordaid, RC/RC Climate Centre and Wetlands International. The lead for this alliance in Indonesia, called Partners for Resilience (PfR), is the NLRC, while it supports directly PMI to implement the program in 8 out of the 38 communities..
 Video documentary is going to produce as an interactive and participatory process whereby programme use the video to docummment innovations and idea as well as achievement in programme implementation
Community and volunteers motivation
Motivates and providing evidance based in implemenatation at community members whereas PMI Volunteers t get involved. This spirit of team-work is important in any community-based endeavor.
Getting the perspective of the community and community self-reflection
ICBRR-CC is a community-based project that seeks to enhance communities’ capacities. This video is an excellent means to obtain a community’s perspective on certain issues and understanding of the thematic issues (i.e. climate change, environment and health). Also encourages communities to conduct a process of self-reflection. It can reveal whether and how communities understand their sources of vulnerability and sources of potential, which is useful for the design of strategies that are suitable to their local conditions.
The video serves as a useful channel for awareness raising on various issues, such as problems (e.g. disaster and environmental, etc.), vulnerabilities and potential solutions (e.g. regularly cleaning the gutter, evacuation routes). Particularly interesting is how video - through the storyboard - can reveal what community members can do by themselves, at any time, to improve their local conditions (e.g. safe their livelihood from the disaster, etc). And how its importance to have supports from partners and related stakeholder
Future replication
If ICBRR-CC is successful, PMI seems to be interested in replicating the project in other areas of Indonesia. This PV can then be used horizontally, to be shown in other communities in Indonesia to encourage and stimulate them to take local initiative. Interested donor can replicate th eprocess in community and take into account the importance of DRR-CCA-EMR and collaboration with partners and stakeholder.
In addition to the abovementioned purposes and potentials, assesment will be done on how video can be further integrated into the different stages of program cycle management in general (e.g. assessment, design and monitoring) and ICBRR-CC-EMR itself in particular (i.e. how it can be linked to other components of the project).
1.      To have better understanding the relevance of integrated participatory, collaboration and linking between DRR-CCA-EMR in PMI within PfR programe and consortia
2.      Awareness raising and self-reflection amongst selected communities in East Nusa Tenggara on the themes of disaster risk reduction, climate change and environment
3.      As advocacy tool to related stakeholder, donor and interest partner as well as to replication purposes
These Video will be focus on following:
Video 1 :
Background of the program, implementation process (includes coordination among PFR Partners and joint activities conducted, background of socio-cultures characteristic), and impacts (best values) of the achievable tasks/output. Duration 10-12 minutes
In general each video will highlight, among others the folowing:
·         What the PfR and community based approahes are about
·         Why is it effective
·         Key implementation and step
·         Value added and impact to target audience especially in resilience building
·         Replicability
Video 2 :
Best pratices of implementation (features mode) i.e. Community participatory, Volunteers works, save energy stoves, etc. Duration 3 minutes
In general each video will highlight, among others the folowing:
·         How they used by who, why and where
·         Why is it effective
·         Key implementation and step
·         Value added and impact to target audience especially in resilience building
·         Replicability
The primary target audience of this video will be the following:
-          Donor
-          Government
-          NGOs
-          CBOs
-          Selected community
-          Resource Institution
-          Others PfR partners and implementing organizations
 Consultants will provide a schedule of activities include all arrangements; they have to travel to the respective location to cover these.  The duration of these activities will be from June to July 2015.
  1. These activities will be then consolidated/edited in a sequence and in a shape of 10-12 minutes of video documentary plus 5-8 best practices video clips/features with 3-5 minutes of each.
  2. Scripts in English and Bahasa (vice versa) language will be developed explaining step by step actions.
  3. Finalize the documentary.
  4. Any type of data e-g Scripts, images, clips, will be finalized in the video after the approval from The Netherlands Red Cross.
  5. Consultant will provide unique, innovative, and creative ideas for the title and capture the best moments of the object in the documentary with senses of humanism, socio-culture and nature life. 
  6. Consultant allowed to set the scenarios for the missing moment from the past activities that really required and or taking the ongoing activities.
  • Soft versions of complete 10-12 minutes of documentary, both in English and Bahasa include 5-8 best practices video clips (3-5 minutes of each clip).
  • 10 sets of high quality DVDs (main documentary and best practice video clips) with attractive, innovative concepts.
  • Original tapes/video clips (Master set)
Duration and timeline
The proposed duration of activities will be from June 2015 to end of July 2015 (60 days) include finalization consultation with NLRC, , it is expected to receive the final product by early August 2015.
Payment and logistics
The consultants have to submit all the cost relate to the consultation and production of the video, which is considered an all inclusive fee, including all taxes (which are considered the sole responsibility of the consultants), perdiem, communication costs, food, air tickets, hotel, transport at the field etc.
Local Red Cross staff and volunteers will able in  provide assistance in arranging logistics and during the production time to the communities.
Consultancy profile
Qualifications and competencies of consultants
  • A strong, competent and experienced professional team
  • Experience of developing high quality video documentaries.
  • Experience in developing documentaries for humanitarian and development organizations.
  • Experience in developing scripts in English and Bahasa Languages.
  • Must have and use high quality video cameras.
The videos are property of NLRC and PMI therefore for uses purposes should be asked
The closing date is June 26, 2015, 5:00 PM. Only shortlisted applications will be given further consideration.
Interested parties should submit a detailed proposal (technical and financial), an updates CV, and include at least one sample of their work relevant to this proposed consultancy assignment in separate sealed envelopes, on following address Wisma PMI lantai 5 Jalan. Wijaya 1 no 63 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan 12170 a/n Kartika Juwita/Yana Maulana (Palang Merah Belanda-NLRC) or email address (KJuwita@redcross.nl; YMaulana@redcross.nl)

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