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Statement of Work

Program  Manager/Education
Programming & Training
Surabaya, Indonesia
Reports to
Director of Programming & Training

Statement of work (SOW)

General description

Under the supervision of the Director of Programming & Training, Program Managers performs functions to ensure support of Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) and the effective operation of the Peace Corps Indonesia Project Plans.  Performs all aspects of programming, planning, site development, and PCV support.
Program Implementation and Management Duties
§  Manages project-related information, meetings, visits, briefings, site visits and documentation.
§  Keeps informed about changes in the Indonesian educational system, informing PTO and PCVs of relevant changes.  Adjusts project to those changes when needed.
§  Represents Peace Corps in project related matters and acts as liaison with the Ministries of National Education and Religious Affairs on a national and regional level.  Represents Peace Corps to school officials and other partners and institutions.
§  Monitors the implementation of the Project Plan and assists in internal and external evaluation and reporting.
§  Explores possibilities for enhancing/enlarging programming directions.
§  Writes and revises information packets for Trainees and PCVs.
§  Prepares Quarterly Trainee Request, quarterly reports, Project Status Reports and other reports.
§  Participates in the Integrated Planning and Budgeting System process and budget decisions regarding project implementation.
§  Designs and implements Pre-Service and In-Service Trainings (PSTs and ISTs) together with training staff.
§  Assists in locating resources – human, training, and financial – to support PCVs' activities.
§  Develops and maintains close contacts with other volunteer organizations to foster collaboration and mutual knowledge sharing.
§  May coordinate activities of a Program Assistant, including coordinating training and programming activities with the Program Assistant, providing guidance, and working as a team to accomplish goals and objectives.
Site Development Duties
§  Collaborates with the Ministries of National Education and Religious Affairs to identify possible site placements for PCVs.
§  Updates and revises site selection criteria according to policy changes and feedback received from PCVs.
§  Visits sites and meets with potential supervisors and counterparts to identify potentially successful site placements.  Consults PCVs, PC site files, and other PC staff in the process of site identification and site selection.
§  Identifies best matches between available sites and PCVs.
§  Helps supervisors and counterparts develop realistic expectations about PCVs helps Trainees have realistic expectations about future work sites.
§  Checks housing possibilities identified by the Host Agency.
Volunteer Support Duties
§  Serves as the point of contact concerning all aspects of the project implementation for PCVs.
§  Helps PCVs develop realistic expectations towards their service.
§  Visits Volunteers at their sites, observes classes, and meets PCV teaching colleagues and supervisors.  Organizes feedback sessions with Volunteers, partners and supervisors.
§  Maintains prompt, responsive, and proactive communication for technical advice and cross-cultural assistance. 
§  Helps PCVs identify their needs for professional development.  Provides technical support, oversight and guidance to PCVs and partners.
§  Advises PCVs in advance of upcoming program activities.
§  Advises PCVs on Peace Corps policies, and monitors adherence to policies.  Performs appropriate discipline for non-compliance with policies.
§  Maintains PCVs records referring to placement, housing, work progress, primary job and volunteer/community initiated projects.
§  Directs Volunteers to appropriate staff for in-depth support for medical, administrative or counseling needs.
§  Monitors and evaluates PCV work through plans and reports, site visits, and discussions with PCVs, school directors, partners, and colleagues.
§  Advises PCVs on funded projects
§  Advises PCVs on opportunities and procedures for extensions of service, and provides support for completion of service.
§  Approves or otherwise responds to PCV out-of-site requests. Tracks PCV annual leave taken and accrued.

Materials and Resource Development Duties
§  Develops and revises Project and PCV support materials and resources.
§  Researches external resources for Project and PCV support.
§  Guides PCVs in resource and material development.
§  Performs other duties as assigned according to Peace Corps Indonesia’s needs.

Safety and security support

§  Per Peace Corps Manual Section 270, all members of the Peace Corps staff must be familiar with the Emergency Action Plan and their responsibilities in the event of an emergency. 
§  Act as duty officer to support PCVs during emergencies on a 24/7 basis on a rotating schedule with other staff.
§  Addresses safety and security proactively by ensuring appropriate assignments for Volunteers and adhering to Peace Corps site development policies and procedures.  Identifies and communicates Volunteer safety and security concerns or issues to the Safety and Security Coordinator (SSC) and the CD.  Ensures prospective sites meet established programmatic and safety/security criteria (e.g., safe housing, a clearly defined assignment with an organization that shows real interest in working with a Volunteer, etc.). Reviews and references site history files when evaluating potential sites.  Incorporates appropriate site-specific safety and security-related information into site history files.  Ensures designated host country counterparts participate in counterpart orientation/training and are prepared to work with and support Volunteers, including their role in Volunteer safety and security.  Maintains communication with each Volunteer and solicits periodic feedback, including information about Volunteer safety and security.  Maintains a calendar of Volunteer site visits, and completes appropriate number of site visits to assess Volunteer progress, safety and security, and to provide technical guidance and moral support.  Monitors Volunteer compliance with Peace Corps policies, especially related to safety and security, and initiates corrective action as necessary. Participates in the design and implementation of the Emergency Action Plan (EAP).  Acts as duty officer, as needed.  Knowledgeable and supportive of Peace Corps safety and security policies and procedures, including the timely reporting of suspicious incidents, persons or articles.               

Level and effort

§  Performs duties at assigned Post during a 40 hour work week.    Will be required to travel on an overnight basis as needed to support Volunteers and coordinate with RI officials.  May be required to work outside of or in addition to normally scheduled hours to support Volunteers and fulfill other post requirements.  Participates in in-country or out-of-country trainings provided to PC staff.

Occasional Money holder

§  The PSC may be required to courier cash and/or purchase orders to various vendors who furnish supplies and/or services to PST/IST training site, or other locations as directed by the Contracting Officer. The PSC may also be required to courier cash to PC trainees or volunteers. The PSC will not be functioning as a procurement or disbursing official but will only be acting as an intermediary between the Contracting or Disbursing Officer and the recipient. In the case of dealing with vendors, the PSC will not exercise any procurement discretion concerning the supplies or services to be purchased or the cost limits of these purchases; these will be determined by the Contracting Officer.

work experience requirements and qualifications

o    At least three years of progressively responsible work in an educational development organization, preferably with an international organization.
o    Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English required.  Excellent, translator-quality English is preferred, as is ability to speak Bahasa Jawa, Bahasa Madura, or other provincial language.
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
o    Thorough knowledge of the structure and operations of the Ministries of Education and Religious Affairs
o    Knowledge of Peace Corps’ cooperative development philosophy, goals, and policies
o    Skill and ability to design implement and evaluate training
o    Skill as a trainer, teacher, facilitator
o    Ability to use computer word processing equipment
o    Ability to act with diplomacy and tact with staff, PCVs, Trainees, community members and members of government

education requirements

-    University/college degree required, preferably in English Education or International Development. 


Please submit your CV and Application Letter in English to : id-jobs@id.peacecorps.gov (in PDF format). Please indicate "PM/Education  Application” in the subject line of the email not later than Friday June 26th2015 12:00PM local Surabaya time.

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