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Reality Check + Phase 2 Program

Finance Coordinator, Reality Check + Phase 2 Program
‘Reality Check Approach +’ Phase 2 is a project funded by DFAT through the Knowledge Sector Initiative. Reality Check Approach (RCA) + has been set up to expand the capacity of local Indonesian researchers to undertake high quality RCA studies. Over 24 months the program will design, implement and track the policy influence of a number of RCA studies whilst running a parallel capacity development process. 
RCA is a qualitative approach to feedback and evaluation which involves outsiders living with people living in poverty in their own homes and joining in their everyday lives, usually but not always involving repeat visits over several years.  The relaxed environment this provides enables easy informal conversations with all members of the family, their neighbours and others who interact with the household, especially frontline service providers. It enables the outsider to experience and observe for themselves and provides a meaningful basis for joint reflection on experience of services and change over time with the family.  The approach benefits from inherent opportunities for triangulation and depth of information shared.  It helps to shed light on disconnects between knowledge, attitudes and practice which conventional evaluation is often unable to do.  A key intention is to understand better whether and how policies intended for people living in poverty translate into effective change on the ground or not, and how the efforts and changes are perceived. It is also expected that the voices of people living in poverty feed into policy dialogue so that future policy and practice is better geared to real needs and context.

Purpose of Role
To oversee the day to management of RCA project finances and payments and to ensure compliance with DFAT criteria.

23 Months commencing in 1st of July 2015

Minimum education and experience required
·         S1 Degree in Accounting/Economic or equivalent;
·         Has a minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience, including at least 2 years in supervisory and reporting  role;
·         Demonstrated experience and skills working with computer-based finance packages;
·         Excellent computer skills, particularly with spreadsheet and database software;
·         Demonstrated experience and skills in working in a busy office environment;
·         Willingness to learn and participate in one of RCA study as a researcher
·         Demonstrated ability to work under pressure and to function as a team member while also being able to work independently;
·         Good oral and written communication skills; and
·         Ability to function in both Indonesian and English language.

Desirable: Experience with a bilateral donor funded project
Duration:  23 Months commencing in 1st of July 2015

This role is best suited for candidates based in Jakarta.  Applicants must have eligibility to work and live in Indonesia.
Interested? Please submit your CV through the GRM International Careers Page ( 
Applications close on 14 June 2015.
Only successful applicants will be contacted.

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