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Australia – Indonesia Partnership for Justice (AIPJ)

The Australia – Indonesia Partnership for Justice (AIPJ) is a five year program funded by Australian Aid with a current closing date of December 2015.
The strategic focus of AIPJ is on realizing the rights of all Indonesians, in particular poor women, vulnerable children and people with disabilities. Building on the successes of previous Australian law and justice programs, AIPJ focuses on the following rights:
·        Legal identity (birth, marriage and divorce certificates) as one precondition to realising basic economic and social rights, such as education and health care;
·        The right to fair proceedings which are independent and impartial, fast, consistent, affordable, and accessible; and
·        The right to legal information.
AIPJ is now accelerating implementation due to demand from subnational governments and civil society partners.  It has also learnt from experience to date the significant challenges in program delivery across multiple provinces and remote villages.  The Lead Adviser and Director PUSKAPA, who together provide technical leadership of the program, are both based overseas. This has all placed additional project management demand on AIPJ and we are looking to recruit for a period of 6 months an experienced development manager.  This will also ensure a smooth transition of some functions of the program to KOMPAK, consistent with the AIPJ2 draft design document and advice from DFAT.

AIPJ approaches realizing rights by working in partnership with key government institutions (the supply side) as well as civil society and local communities (the demand side), and the intersection between the two. It does so through seven operational programs: legal identity, court reform, legal aid, legal information, and anti-corruption, civil society strengthening and disability inclusion. These programs operate at both the national level, where decisions are made, and the sub-national level, where lessons from the field can inform national level decision making. Visit www.aipj.or.id for more information about AIPJ.
AIPJ is seeking a skilled professional to join our team as Legal Identity Program Transition Manager.

The transition manager will have had experience in managing grants and delivering social and economic development programs into remote communities through civil society partners, which involve a number of Government stakeholders at national and subnational level.  The transition manager will ideally have worked in legal assistance services or civil registration.  

The Transition Manager will:
·        Manage the implementation of the Legal Identity program, including mobilization and oversight of grants and contracts, reporting and team and partner co-ordination.
·        Establish and support regular co-ordination with the KOMPAK subnational development program and map out a transition strategy to ensure a smooth transition of functions at an agreed time
·        Co-ordinate the team calendar of events, travel arrangements, meetings and field visits
·        Monitor expenditure by partners and take appropriate action when under or over spent
·        Prepare briefings and reports to assist decision making
·        Contribute to and co-ordinate M&E inputs into the program
·        Ensure close integration with the Family Law Assistance program and support any contractual and reporting requirements are met.
Selection Criteria
•    University qualifications in justice/law, management, social sciences, development, or a related field.
•    Minimum 5 years experience in international development programs required
•    Experience in developing and implementing development programs, including change management
·      Excellent project/program management skills and organisation
•    Experience in monitoring and evaluation and field research
•    Team player with a strong focus on working collaboratively
•    Fluent spoken and written English is required
·      At minimum a conversational level of Bahasa Indonesian is preferred.
The Transition Manager will take technical advice from the relevant Lead Advisor and day to day reporting to the Deputy Team Leader AIPJ
Position Status
This contract will be for a full time advisor with 6 months of inputs until December 2015.
Adviser Remuneration Framework
Discipline Group C Job Level 2
How to apply for this position
Ø  Cover letter responding to each of the selection criteria.
Ø  Curriculum vitae / resume.
Ø  Name and contact details (phone and email) of three referees.
Applications that do not address all the requirements stated above will not be considered.
Submitting applications
a) By email: email your application with the reference “AIPJ – Legal Identity Program Transition Manager” in the subject line to EmergingMarkets.Jakarta@cardno.com (most preferred option).
b) On-line application. Go to www.cardno.com/careers and search for this position. Click “Apply for this job” located at the end of the job description.
For further information about this position
Email: EmergingMarkets.Jakarta@cardno.com with the reference “AIPJ – Legal Identity Program Transition Manager” in the subject line.
Closing date
5.00pm, 22 June 2015
Late applications will be considered.

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